Building a custom home in Chesapeake, VA equates to more than just a gorgeous home in a coveted community. Living within the Chesapeake City Public Schools District may be a contributing factor in your investment, as school zoning is one of the top-rated factors that influence neighborhood choice for prospective home buyers.

School selection is about planning for your entire family-and more. Homes in highly-rated school districts have been found to be insulated from declining values during times of financial crisis, as compared to homes in average or under-performing school districts.

Chesapeake Schools is the home of excellent educational resources, making building in the Chesapeake, VA zip code an equally excellent financial investment. Secure great value for your new custom home by building where people want to live– not just now, but twenty years from now.

Building Within a Desired School Zone is a Life-long Investment in Your Property

Buying or building within a top-rated school is an investment for everyone, even those without school-aged children. Living within the boundaries of this stellar school district can only boost the value of your home.

Research indicates that people are willing to pay $50 more per square foot for a home in a top-ranking school district, compared to average or lower-rated districts.

That’s not all. Homes sell an average of eight days faster, homes are viewed 26% more often, and property values rise faster when homes are located in highly-desired school districts.

The connection between excellent public school districts and home values is tangible.

The data proves a correlation between homes’ locations and school zoning matters to buyers.

Homes located within excellent public school districts are in higher demand, which leads to higher prices.One out of five home buyers would pay 6-10% above their budget for the right school. 10% would go as much as 20% over budget for the right school. Homes within higher rated school districts are on average 49% more expensive than the median home price.

Building a home is an investment for your future. You can secure the future value for your brand new dream home by building where people want to live.

Best School District in Virginia

STEM opportunities in Chesapeake Public Schools

If school zoning is a factor in your buying process, you may have questions about how schools are rated. Factors such as the quality of athletic programs, availability of gifted and talented programs, and exposure to creative and civic opportunities can all play a large role. Data is also collected and analyzed: standardized test scores, high on-time graduation rates, class size, and preparedness for the next stage of life. The city of Chesapeake has actively demonstrated its commitment to hiring and retaining the most qualified educators.

While school is a very personal and unique experience for children and their parents, there are some objective factors that can help determine the quality of the educational experience and its respective outcome. Chesapeake City Public Schools excels in all of these areas, thanks to a tradition of academic excellence and an active, engaged community and student body.

Chesapeake City Public Schools

Chesapeake City Public Schools collectively makes Chesapeake City Public School District the epitome of a committed and high-quality school district, due to the variety of educational, athletic, artistic, and civic programs, ranging from the earliest learners to graduation and college matriculation. This tradition remains, due to high community involvement and support.

Of the many long-standing partnerships, two actively serve the community by partnering with the Superintendent and School Board. Citizen’s Advisory Committees uses data analysis to make recommendations to the school superintendent and board, with an emphasis on continued-improvement within the district. The Chesapeake Public Schools Educational Foundation is another community-based group that helps foster community partnerships while supporting educational opportunities.

Having a community that focuses on improving and enhancing the educational lives of our children makes Chesapeake City Public School stand apart from surrounding districts.

An Empowered Education in Chesapeake, VA

Empowered Education in Chesapeake, Virginia Schools

While many people turn to expensive private schools for their children’s education, the public schools and the public school district are really something to be proud of. The community is what makes building in Chesapeake, VA a rare opportunity to combine the customization of your dream home with a property value that will maintain its longevity.

Chesapeake City Public Schools, located in Chesapeake, VA,  has implemented a plan, “Empower 2025,” which has four main goals:

  • Academics: provide exemplary teaching and learning experiences
  • Employees: recruit, retain, and support our valued employees
  • Environment: provide a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Community: engage, inform, and collaborate with the community

These shared practices are implemented throughout the district, making Chesapeake City Public Schools a high-ranking and top-performing district.

Spotlight on Pre-K and Elementary Schools in Chesapeake, VA

Some of the best early education programs and schools in the state of Virginia are part of Chesapeake city Public Schools. Butts Road Intermediate School, Cedar Road Elementary School, and Deep Creek Elementary School are all renowned for their excellence.

However, any elementary school in the Chesapeake Public School District will offer children a first-class education. Young children, as well as their families, are supported through Early Intervention Initiatives and full-day Kindergarten programs. CPI, Chesapeake Preschool Initiative, even offers a free full-day program for children in Chesapeake, designed to help children build a firm educational foundation and prepare them for the kind of academic and social success that will give them a headstart in life.

Spotlight on Middle Schools in Chesapeake, VA

Great Bridge Middle School, Hugo A. Owens Middle School, and Jolliff Middle School are some of the best schools in Virginia. However, any middle school in the Chesapeake Public School District will offer excellent curriculum and an incredible student-to-teacher ratio.

Middle school years can be a time of tough transitions for children. Attending a middle school with a devoted focus on education and smaller class sizes can make all the difference.

Spotlight on High Schools in Chesapeake, VA

Athletics in Chesapeake Virginia

The best high schools in Virginia include Hickory High School (grades 9-12), Grassfield High School (grades 9-12), and Great Bridge High School (grades 9-12), according to high schools ranking. These Virginia high schools share incredible access to programs at the Academies, specialized programs for gifted students, and standout athletic programs. In fact, Chesapeake City Public Schools was ranked  #1 for student athletes in the Hamption Roads region.

The end goal is a personalized educational experience that results in preparedness for life after school, regardless of the chosen path: enlistment, employment, or enrollment in higher education. Chesapeake City Public Schools boasts a high on-time graduation rate and a high rate of attendance in college and universities; a partnership with can assist young adults on the path to success in higher education and beyond.

Combine Location and Customization

You don’t have to choose between an excellent location and your perfect dream home. With Virginia Builders, you can have both. Enjoy the benefits of owning a customized home in a prime location that will hold its value.

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As much as we love building beautiful homes that will see the lifespan of a family, we know that things change: kids grow up and move out, relatives move in, an extra “miracle child” comes into your life, or you start a new business. If that change happens, and you find yourself needing less space or more space, you can relax with the confidence of knowing that your Virginia Builders-built home will hold onto its value and grant you ease and stability as you move onto your next great home adventure, hopefully with another Virginia Builders home!

By building in Chesapeake, VA, you will have the best of both worlds: a gorgeous home in a coveted community and an incomparable location.

If you’re ready to customize your dream home, reach out to us today.

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