Moving is cited as one of the most stressful events that can occur in a person’s life. Now think of all the decisions one must make prior to the move. Whether you are looking to buy a new construction home in a development or custom build your new house, finding the best home builder for you may feel like a task in and of itself. Knowledge of the following will separate the top homebuilders from the rest: consumer needs, customization options, customer service, and energy efficiency. Understanding why these priorities matter and how they work together will help you find the homebuilder who can create the most optimized home for you and your family.

What are consumers looking for in a residence?

The short answer is house and community optimization. Not every buyer is looking for the same functionality in their home and neighborhood, so Virginia Builders specializes in both customizing homes and building communities.

Before breaking ground, we select locations that will provide the new homeowner access to quality resources outside of our immediate community. Once the buyer selects his or her lot, our goal is to give buyers a choice in designing superb floor plans, interior finishes, and curb appeal. We also work with you to design a home that meets your needs, considering that society is changing. Many families are looking to incorporate home offices, home gyms, playrooms, and/or in-law suites to meet their needs. Within our community, we create opportunities to cultivate a desired lifestyle: asphalt walking trails, fitness and playground facilities, communal fire pits, outdoor seating surrounded by artisan landscaping, and clubhouses that will bond a neighborhood. These amenities create a sense of safety and security within one’s residence.

Tremendous insight can be gained by viewing various communities and learning about the mission of each business. Take virtual tours, and drive through neighborhoods. Don’t be afraid to ask builders about their process, products, and desired results. Virginia Builders recognizes that buyers are cultivating a quality of life. We value our clients, and their appreciation is reflected in their feedback.

“True construction professionals! It was so refreshing to work with people that take pride and care in their trade. That’s a rarity these days! The process of designing and building our dream home with Virginia Builders was impressive, from start to finish, no detail was missed. What will probably be the biggest purchase of your life, get it right the first time with a company that cares about delivering high-quality homes at an exceptional value. Thank you again, we are so happy to be home!”

-Virginia Builders’ Customer Testimonial


Customization is a significant factor in tailoring a home that fits your needs. Established home builders have model homes available for customers to tour, allowing potential buyers to assess the quality of workmanship and gain inspiration for their future design. A completed home, ready for purchase, may meet your needs; you may also choose to build from the ground up. We cater to both options.

How much is customizable with the home builder you are researching? Can you add or subtract the number of rooms, change the floor layout, or choose different paint colors? Can you select your style of cabinetry or countertops? What are your flooring options? What about tile work and plumbing features? Virginia Builders offers you choice and voice with all the above.

Virginia Builders has several award-winning pre-fabrication model homes.

A great example of how one home can be adapted in a variety of ways can be seen with one of our most popular models, the Coco. Observe the variety of exterior color selections, floor plans, room arrangements, and product selections. Virginia Builders feels the ability to optimally co-create your new construction home with your builder is essential to long-lasting satisfaction.

Customer Service

Customer Service and satisfaction are essential to developing a partnership with buyers. There are five ways a great homebuilder will give excellent customer service: speed, accessibility, transparency, communication, and a desire to constantly improve. To us, “speed” encompasses everything from responding to your initial request to completing your dream home in the projected time frame.
We welcome all inquiries, virtual tours, and in-person consultations. If you decide we are the best fit for you, we will strive to cultivate a relationship that is founded on communication and transparency. Virginia Builders views working with each new homeowner as cultivating a lifetime relationship, as we will use your feedback to strive for continuous improvement.

Home construction is a continuous evolutionary process, striking a balance of current trends and classic design, while also keeping up with our ever-changing society. Through continuous design and structural education, connectivity with the industry’s best vendors and latest products, excellent customer service, and a mission to produce the highest quality in homes, Virginia Builders has built a reputation for being the Best Homebuilder in Coastal Virginia. We are proud to cultivate products that lead our buyers to vote for us; for two years in a row, Virginia Builders was named “Best Overall Homebuilder,” in Coastal Virginia Magazine’s “Best of” Awards.

CoVa Best of banner award

The benefits of an energy-efficient home

Before selecting a builder, consider the energy efficient choices and products-small and large- within each model. Spray foam insulation and energy-efficient windows will prevent the loss of heating and cooling during the respective seasons. We use High SEER air conditioning systems, which are shown to save consumers money in the long run, while also being better for the environment. High-efficiency cooling systems cool your home faster, while using less energy to do it, emitting fewer greenhouse gases in the process. We will optimally position the system out of direct sunlight, to ensure that the system will not have to work as hard, which will ultimately extend the life of the product. In addition, Virginia Builders’ homes offer high-efficiency kitchen appliances, tankless water heaters, dishwashers with advanced washing and drying components + versatile rack systems, and convection ovens and ranges that distribute heat more evenly to reduce cooking time. Together, these products will save you time and money each month, in addition to being environmentally-friendly.

The experience of building your dream home is one that should be enjoyable-the first of many memories you will make there. Whether you are looking to downsize or plan for a growing family, we are here for you. If you think Virginia Builders is the best choice for you, we look forward to meeting you.

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